Our new faculty member Dr. Chu-Lan Kao

 Dr. Chu-Lan Kao is the new faculty member of the Institute of Statistics at the National Chiao Tung University. Dr. Kao obtained Bachelor in Math and Finance (NTU), master in finance (NTU), Ph.D. in statistics (NCU). He had also been exchanged to UC Berkeley during his undergraduate education, and to Harvard University during his Ph.D. program. His research interest includes renewal theory, change-point detection, and financial statistics, which has led him to Hong-Jing Chou scholarship, Ching-Zong Wei Prize for Statistical Papers, UST-STAT award, and others. He has also been participating mathematical competitions, received a bronze medal in Asian-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad, and has been the coach and observer of the national Mathematical Olympiad team since 2011.

Outside of academic, he participates in music composition (choral, A Cappella, and musical) as well as board game design, and has collaborated with Taipei Philharmonic Foundation, singer Hung-Liang Chang, and many others.

Other relevant information can be found in Dr. Kao’s personal web page

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