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M.S. Regulations


Regulations on Academic Studies for Master Program Students 

Academic Year 2019
Period of study One to four years, on-job postgraduates may extend the period of study for one more year.
Required credits of courses before graduation

Complete at least 30 credits of courses (not including seminars and thesis studies) of our institute or related departments (must be approved by our institute).

Mandatory courses 1. Mandatory courses:
        Mathematical Statistics (4 credits)
        Statistical Computing (3 credits)
        Consulting in Statistics (3 credits)

2. Seminars and thesis studies are not included in the required course credits for graduation.

Note Our institute graduate students must have at least 30 credits of graduation credits whose average score is above 80 (included) points.

M.S. Regulations

101_e39ca1fd.gif   Regulations on Academic Studies for Master Program Students 

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101_e39ca1fd.gif   Dissertation Advisor Agreement Form103_7e3d9dfd.gif  ODT Format

101_e39ca1fd.gif   Regulations of Direct Admission to Doctoral Program
101_e39ca1fd.gif   Thesis Oral Defense Evaluation Form103_7e3d9dfd.gif  ODT Format
101_e39ca1fd.gif   Verification from Oral Examination Committee103_7e3d9dfd.gif  ODT Format

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