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Speaker:Prof. Lih-Yuan Deng(University of Memphis, USA)


Topic:New Schemes for Constructing Secure Random Number Generators

Speaker:Prof. Lih-Yuan Deng (University of Memphis, USA)

Date Time:FRI. Dec 21, 2018, 10:10 AM - 11:00 AM 
Place: 4F-427, Assembly Building I


The main idea behind the recently proposed SAFE design (Deng, Shiau, Lu and Bowman (2018)) is to transform two classical linear generators as baseline generators into a highly nonlinear generator via a mutual table shuffling method with some ARX (Addition, Rotation, XOR) operations on selected table entries. SAFE generators have been shown to be highly efficient with a great flexibility of choosing two baseline generators with known great statistical properties such as huge period length and high-dimensional equi-distribution. In this talk, we discuss the proposed eSAFE design which is an extension of the SAFE design with the clear advantage of a better statistical distribution property with increased longer period length and more resistant to powerful algebraic attacks. The main contribution of the eSAFE design is to further enhance the SAFE design with (1) a random selection scheme to pick from multiple possible output transformations and (2) use of previous intermediate output as a feedback.
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