Technology Report
Technical Report"A Linear Complementarity Programming Approach to Nonnegativity Constrained Least Squares Regression Problems", NSC-86-2115-M-009-022. Technical ReportShiau, J.-J. H.1997
Technical Report"Performance Analysis of Clements' Estimators of Process Capability Indices", Technical Report.Shiau, J.-J. H. and Chung, H.-T.1998
Technical Report"Change-Point Estimation by Local Polynomial Regression", 國科會計畫成果報告. NSC-87-2118-M-009-004Shiau, J.-J. H. and Lin, P.-R.1998
Technical Report"Process Monitoring for Multivariate Autocorrelated Data", Technical Report.Shiau, J.-J. H. and Chiu, H.-Y.2001
Technical Report"應用對稱分位數於製程能力評估之研究", 技術報告.洪志真、陳美雪2001
Technical Report"Estimating Lifetime Distribution from SSADT Data by Nonparametric Regression", Technical Report. NSC 90-2118-M-009-016.Shiau, J.-J. H., Chang, S.-C.2001
Technical Report"Generalized Cross-Validation for Wavelet Shrinkage in Nonparametric Mixed-Effects Models", Henry Horng-Shing Lu, Su-Yun Huang, Fang-Jiun Lin2002-08
Technical Report"監控多變量製程變異性增加之EWMA管製圖", NSC92-2118-M-009-012洪志真、黃立芬2003
Technical Report"Empirical Bayes Process Monitoring Techniques for Categorical Data", Technical Report.Chen, C.-R., Shiau, J.-J. H., and Liao, H.-H.2003
Technical Report"判斷兩變數間的因果關係", 技術報告.洪慧念、洪志真、呂傑瀚2003
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