Technology Report
Technical Report"Thin-plate Splines with Discontinuities", Technical Report.Shiau, J.-J. H.2005
Technical Report"Tables of Large Order Multiple Recursive Generators", Technical Report.Deng, L.-Y., Shiau, J.-J. H., and Tsai, G.-H.2005
Technical Report"Theory and Practice of Combination Generator", Technical Report.Deng, L.-Y., Li, H., and Shiau, J.-J. H.2005
Technical Report"Monitoring Linear Profiles based on a Random-effect Model", Technical Report. NSC94-2118-M-009-006 and NSC95-2118-M-009-006.Shiau, J.-J. H., Lin, S.-H., and Chen, Y.-C.2006
Technical Report"A New Robust Phase I Analysis for Monitoring Nonlinear Profiles", Technical Report. NSC94-2118 -M-009-006 and NSC95-2118-M-009-006.Shiau, J.-J. H., Yen, C.-L., and Feng, Y.-W.2006
Technical Report"用核密度估計建構階段I管製圖之研究", 技術報告. NSC95-2118-M-009-006-MY2.洪志真、盧美惠2007
Technical Report"用EM演算法建構階段I管製圖之研究", 技術報告. NSC95-2118-M-009-006-MY2.洪志真、柯育辰2007
Technical Report"Nonparametric Monotone Regression for Generalized Linear Models with Applications to Wafer Acceptance Tests", Technical Report. NSC95-2118-M-009-006-MY2.Shiau, J.-J. H., Wen, C.-C., and Lin, S-H.2007
Technical Report"Profile Monitoring via Principal Components", Technical Report. NSC95-2118-M-009 -006-MY2.Shiau, J.-J. H. and Wang, H.-C.2008
Technical Report"The OAAT Scheme for Phase I Nonlinear Profile Monitoring", Technical Report. NSC95-2118-M-009-006 -MY2.Shiau, J.-J. H. and Hsu, Y.-L.2008
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