Technology Report
Technical Report"Security Enhancement on Linear Random Number Generators via Mutual Shuffling.", Technical Report. (Submitted) NSC97-2118-M-009 -002-MY2.Deng, L.-Y., Shiau, J.-J. H., and Lu, H. H.-S.2010
Technical Report"Randomness Identification of Wafer Maps under Process Baseline Limitations and Its Applications.", Technical Report. NSC97-2118-M-009 -002-MY2.Chuang, M.-H., Tu, K.-W., Shiau, J.-J. H.2010
Technical Report"第一階段剖面資料監控方法應用在工具磨損製程上之研究.", 技術報告. NSC97-2118-M-009-002-MY2.洪志真和李和憲2010
Technical Report"監控線性趨勢製程之研究.", 技術報告. NSC97-2118-M-009-002-MY2.洪志真和陳清豪2010
Technical Report"Hardware-Efficient, High-Throughput, and Long-Period Nonlinear PRNGs by Shuffle-Hiding Linear Generators", Technical Report. (Submitted) NSC97-2118-M-009 -002-MY2Li*, C.-Y., Deng, L. Y., Shiau, J.-J. H., Chang, T.-Y., and Lu, H. H.-S.2011
Technical Report"R,S和 管制圖在製程變異數需估計時之修正管制界限.", 技術報告. NSC99-2118-M-009-003-MY2.洪志真和林洋德2011
Technical Report"當管制下共變異矩陣需估計時多變量製程變異之監控.", 技術報告. NSC99-2118-M-009-003-MY2.洪志真和楊捷文2011
Technical Report"Random Number Generators for Applications in Computer Simulation and Computer Security", Technical Report. (Submitted) NSC97-2118-M-009-002-MY2 and NSC99-2118-M-009-003-MY2.Deng, L.-Y., Shiau, J.-J. H., and Lu, H. H.-S.2012
Technical Report"Robust Estimation of Pure/Natural Direct Effects with Mediator Measurement Error", Eric J. Tchetgen Tchetgen, Sheng-Hsuan Lin2012-09
Technical Report"", 2019-01
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